Why is our information already on Booodl?

It is our mission to ensure physical retail continues to thrive in a digital world. 

As Booodl is a physical store directory, when a shopper has the intent to find a retail store we make it easy for them to find it and give them the information to help them get there. 

To fulfil our mission, we have digitally documented a huge array of physical retail places, which is why you may have come across your store, brand or mall. 

At no point does anyone ever pretend to be you or claim that you are in any way involved with Booodl, we're simply providing information to shoppers with intent. 

In the event you chose to become a customer of Booodl, we can then update and improve the data about physical stores to ensure that shoppers with intent can find stores better.

We can also provide you with data about how shoppers are engaging with your store, brand or mall. We call this store discovery optimisation (SDO). 

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